Another Work Weekend!

Yep! It happened again—a weekend full of work! No surprise. However something special did occur. The Bees Have Arrived! This is the first installation of our future productions. It is only a single hive, but, it is part of our learning curve and part of the ambiance that we hope to create. Amy will post a separate article on the adventure associated with the bees arrival and installation. For now, here they are!!

Bees in Traveling Box

As part of an earlier posting we discussed the reality of things being left where they sat because we would probably never use them again and so…… One of the things that we have left unused for quite some time is a garden cart that is designed to be pulled behind the garden tractor. Part of last week was devoted to renovation of that cart, because NOW WE NEED IT!

Here are the before views

Garden Cart Before 1


Garden Cart Before 2



All of the wood was replaced, and most of the screws, nuts and bolts, as well. The cart is now good as new.



Completed Garden Cart Renovation


Here is the finished cart!

The cart proved to be a hit, and well used over this past weekend.

The less glamorous, but crucial work included digging an additional planting area for the lavender, and trenching for new water lines to install the drip irrigation. Lots of trenches! In our early calculations we estimated approximately 950 plants would fit in our initial planting field. Subsequent to our placing an order for plants we looked more carefully at the shade patterns around the field . We also reconsidered the plant spacing. In the end we figured the field would accommodate 650 plants! Just a little discrepancy. As a result we opened another field to accommodate the extra plants. That field, along with including planting areas around the house and driveways should consume everything ordered. Just another one of those wrinkles that come along…..

Trenches with Trencher

New Trench is being inspected.



One of the things that should be commented on here is that the trenching and tilling required pretty heavy equipment. It is understandable that a farmer would prefer to own his own tractor and implements, and the temptation is great. However, financially it does not really make sense, especially in the early stages. We found suitable, nicely maintained equipment at Far West Rentals, in Lincoln, CA. For activities that are going to consume only a few days per year, renting is the way to go. It may require a little more advance planning to make sure that what is needed is available at the proper time, but it is worth the money savings.

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3 Responses to Another Work Weekend!

  1. jennifer says:

    Looks like things are really coming along!!! So excited to see your bees are there! We’re supposed to be getting our first hive this year, too! Keep up the hard work!!!!

    • AdminDave says:

      Hi Jennifer,
      Thanks for checking in. Yes we have had quite a bit of work to do, and more remaining. The bees arriving are a feeling of forward momentum! Now on to the Lavender.

      • Carla says:

        Looks like tnhigs are really coming along!!! So excited to see your bees are there! We’re supposed to be getting our first hive this year, too! Keep up the hard work!!!!

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